GeSWall 2.9.2 update is available

12/11/11 Posted by geswall

GeSWall 2.9.2 update is available for download. The update comes with expanded license because the current one gets expired on December 12, 2011.

The update is required only for GeSWall Freeware users. GeSWall Professional Edition has no time limitations.

GeSWall 2.9.1 is available for download

12/07/10 Posted by Andrey

The update fixes number of issues with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers and integrates extended license for GeSWall Freeware.

64-bit version GeSWall is on the way and will be released for beta-testing soon. If you would like to participate in the beta-testing please send a message to our technical support.

Download GeSWall 2.9

07/31/09 Posted by geswall


Most important updates:

  • GeSWall works on Windows 7 now
  • Application Wizard runs with UAC enabled on Windows Vista and Window 7
  • Proper support of
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Live Messenger
    • Live Mail
  • Fixes
    • File streams over trusted files, thanks to Henk
    • Trusted files renaming fix , thanks to ubuntu
    • File redirection fix
    • ReadOnly permission fix
    • Fix of per-application rules priority over confidential resources
    • Fix of “Disable GeSWall Policy”
    • Network rules with * wild card

The next major update is GeSWall 3.0 that would include support for 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7.

GeSWall 2.8 Release

01/04/09 Posted by geswall

GeSWall 2.8 is released and available for download

What is new:

  1. Network Access Restriction which allows control of network traffic similar to firewall functionality. Please check
    "Network Access Restriction",
    "How to deny network access for isolated applications",
    "How to deny network access for all applications"
    articles for more details.
  2. Additional security controls for isolated applications

    • Blocking of screen-shot capturing
    • Blocking of clipboard content logging

    The controls prevent leaking of confidential information by malware.

  3. Untrusted Files browser now displays file streams exploited by some malware to hide its pieces.
  4. Improved support for Windows Vista UAC, please check "Windows Vista UAC (User Account Control)" for details.
  5. Fixed isolation of untrusted files when "Auto-isolation" security level is enabled.
  6. Fixes of GeSWall Console issues at root folder.
  7. Support of recent SUN Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  8. Support of Google Chrome browser

Blocking Network Access

02/03/08 Posted by geswall

The main purpose of GeSWall access control policy is isolation of most vulnerable applications, those that connected to the internet. Blocking network would render them unusable. Instead, GeSWall uses different approach - it isolates the applications. An isolated application cannot cause damage even if it communicates over the network. It cannot steal confidential information, cannot infect the system, install a backdoor, keylogger or rootkit.

However, blocking of network access is useful for certain applications and advanced configuration. GeSWall is capable to block networking for all and individual isolated applications.

To block network access for all isolated applications open a GeSWall Console instance, select Resources folder and change "Security Class" for resource definition with Network type.

Set Security Class to Confidential.

Then you could grant network access to individual applications by application specific rule.

Additionally, you could deny network access for individual applications. For that resource definition for Network must remain untouched and you just need create an application rule


In the next version of GeSWall network blocking rules would be extended by supporting specification of host’s DNS names, ip-addresses and ranges.

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